Today`s dynamic reality has created the need for an organization to continuously change its methods of operation. Besides adapting to the frequent changes, managers must lead the organization to streamlined operations and continuous improvement. In order to lead change, and not be led by it, we have developed a well proven methodology that integrates strengthening of management capabilities with effective change management .

We achieve effective change management through the application of various disciplines. First, industrial and management engineers study the organization`s work processes. Second, organizational consultants examine the human aspect. The integration of ropriate processes, along with organizational readiness to carry them out, leads to successful projects in the organization and improvements in its operations.

Blat Lapidot was established some 26 years ago. Over the years, and following developments in the field of organizational consulting, we focused on a number of fields — change management, managerial development, and organizational development. In the course of these years, we understood that in order to provide a comprehensive solution for the customer it was incumbent upon us to become experts in organization and methods improvement. In parallel, the Blat Lapidot team expanded, with experts in the fields of behavioral sciences and industrial engineers. These additions have afforded us the flexibility to provide broad-based solutions for large and complex organizations in a variety of fields.

Over the years, we have amassed extensive experience in organizational projects, with an emphasis on strengthening and developing of the organization`s management backbone. Similarly, we have become expert in change management consulting, which includes planning, implementation, monitoring, and lessons learned. We espouse process based work, which is based on experience in the integration of innovation, by means of study, mapping and characterization of each organization for the purpose of improvement and implementation of the change. The Blat Lapidot team, produces tools and practicable work programs, guides the organization, and provides support throughout the process. Appropriate mapping, sensitivity, ability to understand, and process analysis—these are the attributes that enable us to assist our customers in attaining the desired results.

Dr. Yael Lapidot Raz Michal Blat
co-chief executive co-chief executive

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